Modular driver console for public transport
For us an ongoing efford in a long-time close cooperation; for travellers on public transport, a visualisation of the new service which is offered by De Lijn, in order to bring more comfort and ease-of-use. Prodata is gradually installing the new payment systems on all buses and trams in Flanders.

MAXIMALdesign assisted in the total hardware architecture and design, ergonomic studies, development and engineering of all hardware parts, working closely together with the inhouse development team and within a strict timing schedule.

Herewith only a sneak-preview and some of the mechanical features we have been engineering:

  • Modular and interactive driver console for trams and buses
  • Conform to the strictest standards for this environment (water, dust, vibration, vandalism)
  • Interactive and ergonomical touchscreen (GUI) with diverse functions (ticket sale, ticket validation, GPS, tracking and time control, carriage validators control function, etc...)
  • Simple controls
  • Driverside dark grey cardreader and cassette module (reduction of glare)
  • Locking for simple positioning and exchange on the carriage (on integrated footplate)
  • Yellow passagerside with integrated travellers display and contactless validator (adaptable configurations depending and transport companies needs)
  • Zone on top for contacless ticket upgrading
  • Modular build-up for integrating printer, speaker, traveller feedback zone, driver functions, etc...
  • Design for (dis)assembly: pre-assemblies can be tested separately before final integration
  • Compact dimensions fitting on 98% of all busses and trams
  • Mounting cradle allows drivers and service personnel to install and dismount the console within seconds while keeping the connection interface secured.
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