Strategic Creativity

The ability to think strategically lies at the heart of true creativity. At MAXIMALdesign we combine creative with strategic services within a brand-driven innovation process, transforming strategic challenges into valuable and measurable ROI (return-on-innovation) The combination of KNOW WHY with KNOW HOW in this iterative process will increase the chance of succesful implementation and introduction in the market dramatically.

We create people-centric, brand-driven, business-focussed augmented value and measurable ROI (return-on-innovation).

'Strategy is 70% of Creativity' - Dan Watts

About MAXIMALdesign

MAXIMALdesign was founded in 1998 by Maxime Szyf. Earlier he worked as a designer/ visual communications manager for VERHAERT, and he started his career as a designer at SAMSONITE.

MAXIMALdesign has an extensive experience in cooperation with local and global companies and organisations (active in consumer products and investment goods) and service providers (private and public). Our process starts from strategic research and ideation until conceptualisation of opportunities, design and development, resulting in production files and the follow-up of the implementation, abeit of products or brandspaces.

Our design language is crisp and brand oriented and our work has been shown and awarded, but mainly has delivered economical success for our clients. Our aim is to strenghten brands by delivering USER BRAND EXPERIENCE which will lead to returns...

Maximal values into 5 extra-value components

Our services and commitment can be summarized in 5 elements:

MAXIMALdesign is a 7D process which connects

  • Discover the opportunities
  • Define the direction
  • Design the possibilities
  • Develop the solutions
  • Deliver the production files
  • Delight the user/consumer/business
  • Drive the new innovations
  • Know-how with know-why
  • Creative with strategic services
  • Brand DNA with user-centric design
  • Ratio with emotion
  • People with brands

we connect people with brands through design

we build brands by creating user-centric and tangible experiences

we strengthen brands by designing all touchpoints

we are design