Family tents Dogon and Lodge
The initial action we did after being commissioned for a new tent project with NOMAD, was to evaluate the design language direction, which we developed with the company some years ago. We found that for some products it could evolve in a more friendly and comforting direction, in the first place for the new collections of family tents DOGON and LODGE.

Same process as before too. Concept proposals in very different direction of styling, functionality and branding of the tents: a creative brainstorm with a literally table full of ideas was discussed and directions were selected with Nomad.

One direction for each of the collections was detailed: the Lodge more oriented towards a sedentary camping experience: bigger and more stable for longer stays in one place. The Dogon was more focused on active family camping: more flexible and easy to set up (and fold down) in order to be able to travel around more easily, while still have a comfortable and functional shelter. Both collections were introduced at the Outdoor trade show in Friedrichshavn and will be in the shops from April 2014.
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