Delvaux Airess

The timeless elegance of heritage
MAXIMALdesign created with the Delvaux team and under its artistic leadership 10 functional product styles in 3 colours, always a combination between signature leathers and abrasion proof textiles of which some show the unique Delvaux woven texture. Airess will be launched in mid-September in Belgium and will then also be sold through the Delvaux e-Shop. It will be available for sale worldwide in 2011.

The process was started with extensive workshops and brainstorm sessions, questioning the viability and offering both functional, emotional and economical value and funneling the parameters for the family of products. The ripening of the collection took all the logical steps of the industrial design process in very close cooperation with the Delvaux team, while concepts and ideas were constantly compared to the original demands: functionality, durability on both an ecological and constructional level while the products had to merge the classical workmanship with the state of the art know-how of contemporary production demands. The mix of these parameters were the biggest challenge while keeping the elegance and timelessness in mind, in order to create products which can survive fashion, in line with all the other DELVAUX products and brand mission...

The AIRESS collection, originally designed by Delvaux in the early fifties, can truly claim to combine elegance and serviceability. The finishing touches of this contemporary line will come as a delightful surprise to customers. They justifiably expect a travel or urban mobility bag to be convenient and compact. But not only that. They are also looking for stylish, discreet products that are produced by skilled hands using superior materials. Airess meets all these requirements. These are, after all, cases for travellers, not tourists.
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