A.S. Adventure

Ayacucho brandscaping
Ayacucho - designed for generations - is the new brandname of the former A.S. Adventure collection. Ayacucho products are created so as to guarantee sustainable, convenient and environmentally-friendly qualities. Qualities that are essential in the natural environment for the continuation of the species.

On the other hand, the department of Ayacucho is situated southeast of the capital Lima high in the Andes Mountains ranging from 1500 to 5000 metres. Mindful of the many areas of the world where people are still living in dire poverty, A.S. Adventure Foundation is working in cooperation with Solid International to develop a model project offering local communities the opportunity to take charge of their own destinies. The emphasis is on community development in Peru's Ayacucho region. A start is being made with those most in need, people who own nothing apart from a hut to live in and a scrap of land. Solid is boosting the economic, cultural and social opportunities so as to offer them the chance to develop into thriving communities.  Towards this end, it is crucial for the local population to play an active part in this initiative.

MAXIMALdesign designed the new brand logo and identity, brand guide, and POS brand and product labels.

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