Plexus coffin for less eco impact
The PLEXUS coffin, with memory plaque at the plexus solaris or chakra point, is an evolution in the work we do for the last voyage. Less impact through less materials (all have minimized impact with burning) but a very clean capsule in warm materials and subtle styling. Solace by design.

SOULACE wants to relieve the pain of the loss of dear ones by creating ethical and esthetic products which do good. Good in trying to create cheaper and durable products; good by producing in workshops for people with reduced ability; good because they should create a memorable experience for moments in life confronted with loss.

The PLEXUS coffin combines all these factors again, but in a unique combination. Simple to produce with minimized impact materials: natural felt and eco-mdf (no-impact glues to hold the fibers and the construction), no metals connection materials. The formal aspect combines these to materials to create a humanized and soft touch capsule. The invisible construction enhances the burning process so a time reduction thus an energy reduction can be realised. At the heart of the lid there is a memory plaque which can be etched by family and friends as a token of remembrance for the departed.

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