Bluetooth intercom for motorcyclists

Korean company SENA asked us to redesign the newest generation of intercom systems for motorcyclists. A functional review of the one button design in a european design language in order to compete on the old continent. Quieter, even more tactile and simpler, forward motion design of mobile communication.

The benefits of a bluetooth intercom system for motorcyclists are very diverse. Feedback on traffic situations, interface with GPS systems, connection and communication with co-riders, … offer a addition to safer riding. The unique benefit of the SENA products is the user interface, which is reduced to the strict minimum in order to access the functions faster and without a margin for error. The one button design helps to reduce time with hands of the handlebars. The forward motion design is aerodynamic in order to reduce sound noise and the package is styled in a timeless design language, consistent with SENA’s strategy to access the european market. Introduction at the EICMA trade show in Milano this month. Ride safer…