Brand driven packaging

After an extensive brand strategy exercise and immersion in the product offering (we have a first degree in gel nail application), MAXIMALdesign was commisioned to rethink the gel pot. We solved uniqueness, functionality, cost price, communication, footprint and more in a brand driven design.

PRONAILS is one of the leaders in the development of products and services, aimed at the care of nails, hands and feet. They are supplier to a large percentage of nailcare studios and independent nail care specialists, both for products adn tools, as for education and business assistance.

MAXIMALdesign helped them (in cooperation with Pinkeye) to refine their brand strategy through a brand workshop. But one of the challenges was their packaging of the gels, which showed some major flaws and was too expensive. We assisted in aneducation session in order to know the main problematics of the act of nail covering, where opportunities and functionalies were explored. (Diploma granted…)

This resulted in a new pot family, with a stack of improvements. The extra were functional (stacking, opening, stability,…), technical (material choice for weight and neutrality when in contact with the gel), communication (larger surface for information, organisation of the different gels, …) and last but not least financially, realisising an importantant price reduction by tackling all the challenges.

But most important is that it conveys a new images for the PRONAILS brand, translating their brand mission (’we help you grow’) into a tangible and elegant shape.

read about the details in their last magazine