JOIN Experience

Retail experience for cloud solutions

JOIN experience is a Luxemburg-based telco operator / IT cloud service provider  offering innovative products and integrated convergence in a European market.

MAXIMALdesign was asked to design three retail touch-points on three locations, with cross-border expansion in a later stage.

With three very different typologies, the customer connection with the new brand were created. Luxemburg-city, Luxemburg-Hamm and Esch are introducing the new approach to and extended offering in the telco / IT world. Eventually these shop concepts will be used in all future retail locations, gradually finding their way in cities and countries around Luxemburg…

The retail experience starts with a landing zone explaining the companies’ differentiating concept. A product selection is displayed on specifically designed tables in selected materials like oak, copper and colored textiles. With an emphasis on personal assistance, service desks are centrally positioned, but also a repair desk adds to the vision of assisting the customer and solving all his problems.

The open atmosphere and qualitative selection of materials are reinforced with a customized lighting system, translating the cloud environment of the services in an intuitive story for the complete experience of this market challenger.