Safety in public trash disposal

Hoet&Hoet commissioned MAXIMALdesign to translate the new graphic identity for the Belgian Train station to an important piece of street furniture for “the station”, specifically a recycle bin.

The National Railway Company of Belgium -NMBS/SNCB- installed late this year the special “see through” recycle bins in the Central Station of Antwerp. The railways chose for this kind of bins to minimize security problems.

It is not possible to throw suspicious objects, because the recycle bins are transparent. The bins having different colors make it possible to sort out all type of waste. The transparent bins have micro-perforations, for in case an explosion should occur, the bin itself doesn’t become a dangerous projectile, instead it will tear apart in smaller fragments.  

But on a day-to-day basis the recycle bin should be easy to service and clean, resist acts of vandalism and fit seamlessly in the railway stations interior, while users of all kind add their part to easier manageable waste management.

At this stage the first batch of 300 bins is delivered to the main stations of belgium. Feedback is very positive from the public; not only is the bin perceived as an icon within the trainstation environment, but the recycling accuracy is very high while maintance remains easy... The bins are made by belgian company Engels from Zonhoven, who are also taking care of the maintanance aspect...